Multimodal shipments from Asia / India / Australia & New Zeland to Kazakhstan and CIS markets

The same transport carrier is responsible for moving the shipment in all legs, in all modes. In simple terms, Multimodal is using various modes of transport but with one transport bill of lading. ... This means that the same company is going to be responsible for moving your shipment in all legs, in all modes.


The differentiation between multimodal and intermodal lies in the contract/ bill of lading and transport carrier responsibility / liability of the movement.

If we look back to our example above, multimodal shipping would be where one company or one contract would handle all legs of the journey. This means that the same company is going to responsible for moving your shipment in all legs, in all modes.


This can be set up in a couple of ways. You could go with a company that has all of these modes of transport available to them. Another way to set up a single contract for yourself is to use an agent. An agent would do all the negotiation on the back end for you while you only have one contract to keep track of. The agent would also be responsible for coordinating loading, unloading, and delays.

This method holds several advantages, the first being less overhead for you. Companies that handle multimodal shipping will be able to handle delays in one leg of the shipment in relation to the other legs without you needing to be involved. This method provides a one stop shop service, so every single aspect is handled by one provider, giving you that ease and peace of mind.

Advantages of Multimodal transportation are associated with: 

a) Shipment tracking efficiency able to monitor with one transport carrier from door to door delivery;
b) access to remote parts of the world with responsibility and liability of the movement with one transport carrier;
c) efficiency in delivery time; and
d) minimization of logistics coordination expenses of a shipper

In summary, in terms of transportation, intermodality is related as a operation where the cargo is transported since its origin up to its destiny, by several modes, with one different contract by segment (its implies in partial responsibility of each transport provider).

Multimodal is the transport operation where despite the use of several modes, a single provider (and a single contract) assumes the entire responsibility since the cargo origin until its destination.


The advantage of both Intermodal & multimodal is given by the most efficient combination of multiple transport modes, optimizing lead times, reducing inventory costs and keeping the level of freight costs under control.


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