We study, optimize and implement improvements in logistics supply chains.
STUDY: we study your current logistics situation so that we can put ourselves into your shoes.
OPTIMISE: we analyze how your situation can be improved, not only saving costs but often by outsourcing time consuming operations such as tracking/tracing/reporting. Our back office plays a role in overtaking certain activities on your behalf.
The results will be presented to you in form of scenarios.
IMPLEMENT: we advise the best supplier to implement the suggested improvements is. It’s important to note that this consulting service is irrelevant from the party who will implement the suggested improvement – which is us.

Our customers generally fall into one of following classes:
    You’ve just set up your Asian branch office, you are supposed to put all your efforts in sales & business development, but your internal logistics team back home in a different time zone has difficulties to support you.
    You need urgent and fast logistics quotes in order to complete your offer to your potential customer.
    Your logistics needs are different on a day to day basis, meaning that you have different sized cargoes coming from, or going to different destinations.
    You do not have enough business or funds to set up an in-house logistics team.

Don’t believe us? Ask our customers!